Your New Healthy Secret Weapon: Protein Energy Balls

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How to Stick to Your Weight Loss Goals With Protein Energy Balls

New fitness goals and new temptations are everywhere we look. That’s why protein energy balls are your new secret weapon to getting fit- and staying that way.

Living in Toronto means there are countless opportunities for the hottest restaurants, trendiest bars, and liveliest nightlife.

Unfortunately, this also means you’re living up close and personal to the newest junk food trends. Cronut, we’re looking at you…

It can be hard to stay fit when you have these temptations everywhere you look. That’s why we want to help. We’re changing the way you snack, and helping Torontonians stay strong by resisting every new poutine food truck that opens.

OMBITES energy balls are the solution you need when it comes to staying on track and keeping your healthy regimen. Here’s how we can help you stay fit and stick to your weight loss goals- without sacrificing your taste buds!

protein energy balls

The Lowdown on OMBITES Energy Balls

So what exactly are OMBITES?

They’re vegan, gluten free, and dairy free energy balls that are made with mainly raw ingredients. Our recipes are formulated to provide you with the best taste without sacrificing any nutritional value.

These little energy bites are packed with flavour and nutrients to help keep you satisfied when you’re tempted to reach for sugary, greasy snacks.

Many of the ingredients we use are raw, such as dates, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes, and cacao powder. Raw ingredients are unaffected by heat over 120 degrees Fahrenheit, so they maintain all their enzymes and nutrients.

The non-raw ingredients that we also use are still natural and pure, with no refined sugar added. We use high quality ingredients, like gluten free rolled oats, to make sure you get the most out of your snack.

Every two OMBITES energy balls contain about 10% of your daily fiber intake, as well as other essential nutrients such as calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium.

protein energy balls

A Snack You Don’t Have to Feel Guilty About

So what makes OMBITES the perfect healthy snack for any diet? Each bite is packed with protein, fiber, and antioxidants to keep you going throughout your day.

OMBITES energy balls are bite sized. Since they’re filled with the good stuff, you only need a few bites to feel full.

When hunger strikes, we start to think with our stomachs instead of our minds. This leads to some bad decisions that leave us hungry again an hour later and regretting our choices. Energy balls are meant to end this problem once and for all.

If you’re adding more workouts to your overall health strategy, OMBITES are the perfect snack for both before and after.

The protein, fiber, and antioxidants in our snacks help repair and nourish your muscles, keeping you lean and healthy on your workout journey. They’re also great if you need a pre-workout snack that will give you the energy you need without making you feel sluggish during your workout.

Never regret your snack again!

protein energy balls

The Power of Protein

Protein and fiber help you feel full all day long. That’s why protein energy balls will help you stick to your diet.

A lot of the time, we reach for unhealthy food, because our stomach starts rumbling and we make impulsive snack decisions. The longer you feel full, the less likely it is that you’ll give in to unhealthy snacks and temptations.

Peanut butter energy balls, for example, give you a burst of energy without a high calorie count, because of the protein in peanut butter. And that’s just one of the many flavours that can be made into protein energy balls.

That’s why our OMBITES are packed with protein, fiber, and antioxidants. Everything you put in your body contributes to your health, so we only provide the good stuff. If you give your body the right fuel, you can accomplish some amazing things.

Our energy balls will help you stay full for longer, so you won’t be tempted by the office donut spread. You won’t be a victim to hunger pains any longer, and you can walk past the break room with pride.

Whether you want to lose weight, maintain your current weight, or just stay generally healthy, OMBITES are your perfect snack.

protein energy balls

Anytime Can be OMBITES Time

The beauty of energy balls is that they are the most versatile type of energy snack. Their convenient size makes them easy to travel with, so you can always keep them on hand when you need that extra energy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re stuck in a mid-day slump at the office, on the TTC during your commute home, or on a road trip with your friends. Even if you’re just out and about running errands, OMBITES are always a good choice.

You can pack them in your bag to have them handy wherever you are. Since they’re bite-sized, it doesn’t matter how much room you have in your purse, your backpack, or even your luggage. These little energy bites will always find a place on your journey.

If you’re spending a lot more time outdoors, like hiking and boating, it’s a great way to keep yourself energized when the heat of the sun is beaming down on you- no matter what season it is.

Tired of eating the same old protein energy bar or high-fiber power bar? Want an alternative healthy snack that tastes good? Pack some OMBITES for your journey and snack on them when you need a pick me up.

You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel when you know you have the right snack on your side.

protein energy balls

Revolutionize Your Summer With Toronto’s New Favourite Snack

If you want a low-calorie, healthy snack that will fill you up and taste good, you need to try OMBITES energy balls. Our snacks are going to change the way you do healthy eating.

Our energy balls come in a variety of flavours and are vegan, dairy free, and gluten free. We use mainly raw ingredients to keep them nutritious and delicious for our customers.

We also offer beautiful, customized favours for weddings, bridal showers, and as corporate gifts, and we’ll deliver to your venue.

The best part is that OMBITES are handmade locally, right here in Toronto. Check out our Instagram page for some cool behind the scenes snapshots in our kitchen!

Get your OMBITES now and feel good about putting fuel into your body.

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