The Secret to Boosting Employee Morale in the Office: Healthy Workplace Snacks

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healthy workplace snacks. boosting employee morale. office snacks.

The Secret to Boosting Employee Morale in the Office: Healthy Workplace Snacks

In a workplace where employees are happy, everyone wins. Higher employee morale equals increased productivity, resulting with better customer or client relations and a more attractive bottom line.

Many companies in Toronto’s competitive market are focusing more on employee happiness than ever, with some companies hiring “happiness coordinators” to make this a priority.

Want to know the real secret to boosting that employee morale? Healthy workplace snacks!

Something so easy can really make a difference in your company’s workplace culture and environment. This gesture can mean a lot in the eyes of your team, and for the small amount of money you’ll spend, the return on your investment can be priceless.

Happy employees are good, reliable and loyal employees. Here’s why healthy snacks are the key to boosting employee morale on your team, and how they can contribute to a brighter future for your company.

The Survey Results Don’t Lie

A grocery delivery service in the US, called Peapod, conducted a survey asking employees what they thought about their employers offering snacks. The results showed that employee morale actually increases when your team is provided with yummy snacks.

The survey found that 66% of employees whose office provides snacks are extremely happy or very content with their job. 83% of those employees said that having healthy snacks on hand is a major perk.

4 in 10 people also said they were jealous of friends who have snacks provided by their employers, for obvious reasons!

In another survey by Seamless, a similar company in the US and UK, employees stated that they would be more likely to attend an optional meeting if snacks were provided.

If you’ve been having trouble coming up with company culture ideas that inspire your team, this is the solution you’re looking for.

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Here’s How Healthy Snacks Boost Employee Morale

There are many reasons why providing snacks to your employees would increase morale in the workplace.

Providing healthy snacks makes your employees more excited to come to work. When there’s more to look forward to, like a stocked fridge in the break room, workplace culture blossoms.

Your employees are the face of your business. Employees become highly loyal to a company that they love working for, and are more inclined to naturally promote their company and provide amazing service to clients and customers.

Additionally, providing healthy snacks for meetings and conferences makes a huge difference. Your employees will be more encouraged to participate when attending a mandatory morning meeting with snacks provided.

Employees who are happier at work are also more productive. When your company is more productive, you’ll see the end results in your profits.

Additionally, healthy workplace snacks can help your team bond with one another. They can take a snack break, sit down together, and have conversations. This forms stronger work relationships and better team cooperation.

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The Rise of a Healthy Workplace Culture

Workplace culture and environment is becoming more important in today’s busy, highly competitive career-driven cities.

Creating a healthy company culture will make your employees feel better, both physically and mentally, which directly impacts your company.

Many people today are concerned about their health, as diet-related issues such as obesity and diabetes are on the rise. That’s why healthy snacks are essential. Providing nutritional options helps you lead by example and show that health is important to you.

Providing your employees with snacks that are nutritious and good for them also shows them that you care about their well-being.

A study in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management found that promoting health initiatives in the workplace contributes to reducing employees’ risk of developing chronic diseases. This can lead to fewer sick days taken, less health care costs, and higher quality work completed on a regular basis.

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Beat the Workforce Competition in Toronto

In Toronto’s super competitive workforce market, it can be hard to stay on top and keep your employees happy and motivated.

The happier your employees are, the less likely they will want to leave your company for a different job. It’s more effective and beneficial for you, as an employer, to keep your employees long-term.

Keeping your best employees on your side is also essential for your company’s growth. The money you spend on snacks will be minimal compared to these benefits.

Additionally, the emphasis on employee morale can make a difference when you’re looking to hire new employees or new recruits.

There are many young people entering the workforce today, and according to Peapod’s survey, 48% of millennials said that they’d weigh company perks, such as healthy snacks, in their decision to apply for a job.

If you’re looking to hire raw talent with new visions from the emerging young workforce, make sure you have the advantage of healthy snack perks over your competitors.

healthy workplace snacks. boosting employee morale. office snacks. happy employee. corporate culture.

Energy Balls: The Perfect Solution For Your Employees

Many people in Toronto’s career-driven market find that they often hit an afternoon slump that leads to the temptation of sugary, greasy snacks. This usually happens in the mid-afternoon.

Protein energy balls are the perfect snack for your company, because they provide your team with the energy they need in a healthy, natural way. Now, when they hit that 3pm afternoon slump, they get a kick-start that keeps them going for the rest of their work day.

The protein in energy balls gives the body the fuel it needs to keep going. They’re also packed with fiber and antioxidants to give you a nutritious boost.

That’s why OMBITES make the perfect office snack.

They’re bite-sized, nutritious, delicious, and made with many raw ingredients. Not only that, but they’re also gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and make you feel good about your snack choices.

Every 2 OMBITES provides about 10% of your daily fiber intake, as well as enough protein and antioxidants to fuel your employees’ minds and bodies.

We make our energy balls with dates, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, and other foods that have tons of amazing benefits, so you get the most out of your snack, no matter what flavour you choose.

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Order OMBITES to Boost Your Employee Morale With Healthy Snacks

OMBITES energy bites are the perfect solution to providing your employees with a healthy snack option to get them through a busy day. Give them something that tastes good, but is also healthy for them.

We provide a variety of catering boxes to choose from, so all you need to do is pick the size you need. Just open, enjoy, and recycle when done! We make it that easy for you! You can even re-use our high-quality gift boxes for storage if you’d like.

We make it even easier to get healthy snacks into your workplace because we deliver right to you! Now you don’t have to worry about snack runs every week. We hand-roll our energy bites right here in the heart of Toronto, so we deliver throughout the GTA.

Ready to see your employee morale skyrocket? Order your OMBITES now!

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