OMBITES: The Unique Wedding Favours You’ve Been Looking for

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OMBITES: Unique Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Love

Want your wedding to be a day no one will forget? How about having your guests leave with unique wedding favours that they’ll love?
Say hello to the wedding favours you’ve been searching for! OMBITES hand-rolled homemade energy balls are placed in customized favour boxes that are personalized especially for you.

Each wedding favour comes with bite-sized energy balls, making them the perfect wedding favours, because they are unique, delicious, and nutritious.
Get the lowdown on these personalized wedding favours that will make your guests remember your big day forever.

Ideas for unique wedding favours in Toronto. Order customized wedding favours from OMBITES.

But what are OMBITES Energy Balls?

OMBITES Energy Balls are premium, handcrafted snacks that will make you feel amazing. Every bite gives you fibre, protein, and antioxidants to keep you going throughout your day.
They’re vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and made from natural ingredients. It’s the treat you can feel good about all day long.
We make our energy balls locally, right in the heart of Toronto, and coming this summer, OMBITES will change the way you snack.

Where to buy energy balls in Toronto. Order customized wedding favours from OMBITES.

Want to Give Your Guests the Most Creative Wedding Favours They’ve Ever Taken Home?

Who doesn’t love edible wedding favours?
As a bride, you want your guests to go home with something useful. The last thing you need to worry about is giving them favours they’re just going to throw away.
Forget the macaroons or cookies that you’ve received from other weddings and step out of the box with a different treat.
Each OMBITES favour comes with 4 energy balls elegantly displayed in a keepsake box. You choose the flavours and we make it look pretty. We customize our favour boxes with ribbons, tags, and preserved flowers to match your wedding theme.
This makes OMBITES the most creative wedding favours you can buy because they’re tailored to your personal theme!
Guests will be sure to remember these for years to come!


Ideas for wedding favours in Toronto. Order customized wedding favours from OMBITES.

Did You Know that you can get more out of our Customized Favours?


OMBITES customized favours are the wedding favours that keep on giving. Your guests don’t have to just stop at eating them - the boxes can be reused.

If you end up with leftover wedding favours, you can easily leave them unopened and re-gift them if you have an event coming up.
Additionally, with OMBITES you get some great reusable boxes. You and your guests can use the keepsake boxes as storage for small items, organizers, or gift boxes.
The brooch can also be worn again, as well as the preserved flower clips. Your guests will love being able to get more use out of your wedding favours.

Ideas for wedding favours in Toronto. Order customized wedding favours from OMBITES.

Better yet… Customize Your Favours with our Design and Taste Testing Experience


We’ll treat you to our design and taste testing experience. Our customers mean more to us than just a transaction, because we love getting involved in your personal love story.
Here’s how it works.
First, we’ll get to know you and your partner. You’ll tell us all about your amazing love story and we’ll listen with open ears.
Next, we work with your wedding theme to arrange the design portion of the experience. We’ll create options for you according to your chosen colours, and create personalized tags for you to choose from.
After that, the best part happens. You get your taste test experience! We’ll get together with you and your significant other, and you’ll sample our different flavours. Choose the ones you love and we’ll wrap it all up in a beautiful package, ready for your big day.

OMG! There’s More to Choose From?!


Yes, there is! We offer 3 different wedding favour collections that you can choose from. Each collection gives you the options you want, made from the highest quality materials.
We also offer the option to add on a personalized charm on each favour, to commemorate your love story and preserve it forever.
You can also purchase one of our beautiful keepsake frames to customize for your day. We’ll include up to three of your photos, your personalized monogram, and our gorgeous preserved flowers. Display it at the wedding and then take it home to keep forever.

Ideas for wedding favours in Toronto. Order customized wedding favours from OMBITES.


The Classic Collection


Our Classic Collection starts with a design and taste testing experience. This is where you’ll get to choose your favourite flavours and taste the goodness of OMBITES Energy Balls.
Once you’ve chosen the flavours you like best, they’ll be packaged with a high-quality ribbon and a tag with your personalized monogram.

Ideas for wedding favours in Toronto. Order customized wedding favours from OMBITES.

The Elegant Collection


Our next level up, the Elegant Collection, includes the design and taste testing experience you get with the Classic Collection. It also includes a high-quality ribbon and personalized tag.
However, the Elegant Collection goes beyond the Classic Collection and includes a beautiful brooch with each favour. Best of all, your guest can use the brooch as jewellery when they’re done enjoying their energy balls.

Ideas for wedding favours in Toronto. Order customized wedding favours from OMBITES.

The Luxe Collection


For those who really want to stand out on their special day, the Luxe Collection is the right choice. It includes everything in the Classic Collection, including a high-quality ribbon, personalized tag, and of course, our signature design and taste testing experience.
With the Luxe Collection, your favours will come with delicate and beautiful preserved flowers on a removable clip.
Preserved flowers are real flowers that have been processed using a very specific method to make them last for months, or even years. You’ll give every guest a real flower, so beautiful it rivals a fresh cut one.
You’ll also have the option to choose the flower colours to match the theme of your special day.
If you want more, you can also choose to add pearls and crystals to the flowers.

Ideas for wedding favours in Toronto. Order customized wedding favours from OMBITES.

Got Another Event in Mind? OMBITES Customized Favours Work For That, Too!


OMBITES customized favours aren’t limited just to weddings. They’re also perfect for bridal showers, corporate parties, and any other event you’re hosting.
No matter what the occasion is, OMBITES will help keep your guests leaving satisfied. Even if you just need a tasty snack for the day, these make a great and healthy choice that’ll keep all your guests energized and enthusiastic.
To see how beautiful your favours can be, check out our Instagram page.

Order Now for the Best Wedding Favours in Toronto


Ready to check wedding favours off your to-do list?
OMBITES are a guaranteed crowd pleaser. You’ll give your guests something to snack on that’s suitable for most diets, lifestyles, and tastes.
Here’s the best part - we deliver!
We will deliver your wedding favours right to your venue. We’ll also set them up for you, so you have one less thing to worry about.
Contact us now to learn more about our customized favours collections, pricing, and to arrange your design and taste testing experience!

Ideas for wedding favours in Toronto. Order customized wedding favours from OMBITES.


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