Healthy Energy Ball Snacks Revolutionizing Corporate Catering in Toronto

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Healthy Energy Ball Snacks for Corporate Catering in Toronto

OMBITES: Revolutionizing Corporate Catering in Toronto

There are tons of options for corporate catering in Toronto, but not all of them are beneficial. We live in a city of poutine trucks, hot dog stands, and now the churro cone and you're looking for healthy corporate snacks with vegan and/or gluten free options.

With all that temptation so easily accessible, it can seem like these unhealthy corporate snacks are the easiest option when you’re planning a corporate event for a client. However, just because something is easy doesn’t mean it’s the best choice. 

Break away from the norm with something that’s delicious, nutritious, and fun to eat! Best of all, it’s convenient.

If you’re looking for new options to make your company’s summer corporate events seriously stand out, we have the perfect office snacks for you: energy balls!

OMBITES make the perfect summertime snack, but did you also know they’re great for corporate or private events? Whether you’re planning an annual company party or a team building day, energy balls can go a long way.

We provide corporate catering in Toronto and the GTA and can help you take your company’s summer events to the next level. Here’s why OMBITES are the perfect snack for your corporate or private occasion.

OMBITES Energy Balls Corporate Catering Snacks Toronto

Never Heard of OMBITES? Prepare to be Inspired

OMBITES are energy balls that are filled with yummy goodness to help keep your employees going all day long.

These bite size snacks are designed to provide a pick-me-up in a small, convenient package. That’s why they make the perfect client meeting snacks. They’re also the perfect way to combat hunger when it strikes.

Our hand-rolled OMBITES are made with natural, gluten free, dairy free, and vegan ingredients. We also use many raw ingredients, such as pistachios, pumpkin seeds, cacao powder, hazelnuts and coconut flakes.

The recipes we use are designed to provide a healthier way to get over that dreaded mid-day slump and provide a natural source of energy to the body.

Every 2 energy balls contain about 10% of your recommended daily fiber intake, as well as many other nutrients that the body needs to power through the day.

Corporate company events are just one of the many ways OMBITES can benefit you. Are you planning a wedding or a baby shower soon? We do private event catering as well.

Healthy snacks for work. Protein energy balls for corporate catering in Toronto

Say Goodbye to Snacks that Weigh You Down

When you think of corporate catering options, what comes to mind? Sandwich trays, boxes of donuts, and cookies usually make the top of the list.

However, these options can be generic and boring. They also contain sugary carbs that don’t provide the essential nutrients the body needs to stay productive or energized.

You want something that’s going to impress employees and leave them with a lasting impression. No one remembers the finger sandwiches they ate at the annual corporate party, but they will remember a bite-sized, feel-good snack.

OMBITES energy balls are gluten free, dairy free, and vegan, so they won’t leave your guests bloated or feeling uncomfortable. This also eliminates the need to worry about people with food sensitivities like gluten allergies and lactose intolerance.

There are tons of exciting and unique flavours to choose from, such as: 

  1. Cinnamon pecan bite
  2. Coconut bliss ball (our crowd pleaser!)
  3. Pistachio pumpkin crunch
  4. French hazelnut coffee bite
  5. Espresso cacao delight
  6. Cacao coconut truffle

That’s right- these aren’t your basic flavours, and they certainly aren’t your basic office snacks, either.

Switch it up and give your guests something they definitely won’t be expecting with protein energy balls!

Coconut energy balls. Protein Energy Balls. Healthy snacks for corporate catering 

Fueling the Mind: The Perfect Snacks For Productivity

OMBITES make the perfect corporate meeting snacks for luncheons, team building days, or other brainstorming events because the nutritious and energizing content will help kickstart the team’s brain power.

Need some client meeting snacks that will really blow away your competition? Nail the pitch with protein energy balls.

If the plan is to brainstorm ideas or solve problems, your clients will want their employees’ minds to be as open and fueled as possible.

Energy balls are packed with protein, fiber, and raw ingredients with active enzymes. These ingredients work together to give everyone a boost of energy from natural sources.

We don’t include any added or refined sugar. That means no more sugar crashes or burnouts!

Providing good snacks can also help promote teamwork among employees. As they share delicious office snacks, employees will tend to bond with each other and strengthen their ability to work together. Now that’s something your company will love!

If it’s a company party or a summer corporate event day you’re planning, guests will love the energy they get from OMBITES. They’ll be able to dance, socialize, and celebrate from beginning to end without needing a break.

Protein energy balls. Vegan and gluten free energy balls in Toronto. 

Wait, There’s More! We’ll Deliver Right to Your Space

We’re located in the heart of Toronto. That’s where we hand-roll our energy balls, made fresh right here in the city.

What’s better than supporting a local business while providing the perfect corporate event snack at the same time? Supporting a local product that will satisfy your guests’ taste buds!

To save you even more time and trouble, we’ll deliver right to your corporate event space. Let us take care of the transportation, and you can sit back and relax knowing you’ve made the right choice.

We’re located right downtown, and we’ll deliver anywhere in central Toronto. However, we also deliver to the following cities in the GTA: Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, and Scarborough.

Energy Bites and protein energy balls from OMBITES Toronto 

It’s All Wrapped up in a Beautiful Package

Our OMBITES catering collections are beautifully prepared for a display that all your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off. These unique corporate catering gift boxes blow any boring plastic tray out of the water.

Each high-quality box is carefully packaged with a selected combination of our best flavours. Our 2017 collections showcase our latest options, and our gift and corporate catering sets are specifically crafted with flavours that truly compliment each other.

Choose from our 4 piece, 12 piece, or 45 piece box sets to work with the size of the occasion you’re hosting. Whether it’s a small meeting or a big company-wide gathering, you’ll be covered with our collections.

Just check out our Instagram page to see how OMBITES can make your summer corporate event beautiful.


Put Your Order in Now For OMBITES!

Do something different for your next annual company event or private function. If you want to really make a difference when planning a fantastic gathering for your guests, you’ll want to choose OMBITES.

With a variety of flavours, healthy and natural ingredients, and low calorie counts, our energy balls are sure to make every guest leave happy and satisfied.

Made locally in Toronto, we’re ready to provide you with the solution you need to make your event planning truly stand out.

You can now order OMBITES corporate catering in Toronto and the GTA! Make the day memorable for your guests, and you’ll notice the difference it makes.

Order online now or fill out a special request form to get the energy ball rolling on your next event!

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