15 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas That Will Impress Even Your Pickiest Friends

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15 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas That Will Impress Even Your Pickiest Friends


When it comes to searching for holiday gift ideas, it’s not always easy to find something that promotes health and wellness.

Celiac-friendly, holistic, and vegan gift ideas are even harder to come by.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. All you have to do is know where to look!

Here are some perfect holiday gift ideas for naturopaths, vegans, and anyone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Give your friends the gift of wellness.


1. Essential Oils and Diffusers


This is a useful holiday gift for just about anyone, because essential oils can improve overall health and wellness.

Essential oils have a variety of benefits, and some can help with specific issues. For example, if someone you know has trouble sleeping at night, lavender oil can help them. This allows you to customize their gift to their own personal needs, which shows you care about them.


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Diffusers come in many different sizes and forms, so you have plenty of options to choose from. There are even small, portable diffusers for that make the perfect healthy lifestyle gift for those who travel often.

Essential oils and diffusers are available online and at a variety of locations in Toronto.



2. All Natural, Non-Allergenic Beauty Products


You don’t have to be a naturopath to realize the benefits of non-allergenic, all natural beauty products. They make the perfect holiday gifts for naturopaths, vegans, and those who have sensitive skin.

Many beauty and makeup products on the market today contain harmful ingredients such as parabens, paraffin, formaldehyde, and many more. Additionally, many beauty products aren’t vegan.

Look for all natural products made with essential oils, vitamins, and natural scents. This time of year, natural beauty companies often create holiday gift sets, making it easier for you to give a natural, organic gift to someone special.

Natural beauty products are a great way to make someone feel beautiful, especially during the holiday season.


3. Herbal and Loose Leaf Teas


Giving someone herbal and loose leaf teas is the perfect way to give someone a healthy holiday gift, because loose leaf tea is popular among people of all ages and genders.

Herbal tea, especially varieties of green tea, has tons of health and wellness benefits. Many varieties are packed with natural antioxidants and can even help with disease prevention.

You can find gift baskets and sets at Toronto’s local tea shops or at bigger stores like David’s Tea. A handcrafted, artisan tea set can give someone warmth and comfort during the cold Canadian winter.


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4. Yoga Mats


Regardless of whether your friend is a huge yoga practitioner or just starting out, everyone could use more zen time in their lives. You can also never have too many yoga mats, either.

With so many varieties out there, yoga mats can really make for some unique gift ideas.

For example, Jade Yoga is a Toronto-based company that makes environmentally friendly yoga mats. The company also helps the environment by giving back and planting trees with every purchase.


5. Candles That Go Further


Candles are a pretty standard holiday gift, but soy-based candles are much better than generic ones because they are safer, more natural, and they burn cleaner.

An essential soy-based candle makes a great health and wellness gift. If you’ve got that friend who is constantly stressed out trying to stay healthy with a hectic lifestyle, this is the gift for them.


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6. Herb Growing Kits


What’s more organic and natural than growing your own herbs? They are easy to grow, and can be kept inside or outside to accommodate any living situation.

Even if your friend or loved one doesn’t have a green thumb, they’ll be able to enjoy fresh herbs with all of their meals.

Herb garden kits can be found at Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, and even on Amazon.ca.


7. Make Them a De-Stress Kit


Got some time on your hands? Make them a de-stress kit.

Even if you aren’t a DIYer, a de-stress kit is a handcrafted gift you can make without any real artistic skills. It doesn’t have to be huge- just something to show them you care, and to help them take the edge off.

Include items such as essential oils, incense, a stress ball, eye masks, healthy treats such as energy balls, candles, etc. There are tons of options out there!


8. Vegan, Gluten Free, and Natural Cookbooks


Your vegan or celiac friend is living a lifestyle that isn’t always overflowing with mainstream options. Toronto is a big city, and it has its fair share of vegan restaurants, but what if you could give them more options?

The Oh She Glows Cookbook is a popular vegan cookbook full of recipes waiting to be tested. A good gluten free cookbook is How Can It Be Gluten Free.

Those are just two of the dozens of options out there. Browse your closest bookstore for more ideas.


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9. Himalayan Salt Lamps


One of the best gifts for healthy living is a Himalayan salt lamp. Made from pure pink Himalayan salt, these lamps are extremely beneficial for the home. They can help cleanse the air, control allergy symptoms, and help you sleep.

More importantly, Himalayan salt lamps dispel negative ions into the air. Negative ions are molecules that are found in nature that can help to naturally increase mood, relieve stress, boost energy levels, and more.

Even if your friend isn’t a naturopath, or doesn’t believe in holistic remedies, Himalayan salt lamps are beautiful to look at. They give off a dim, peaceful glow that can be mesmerizing for anyone.

If salt lamps just aren’t really their thing, there are other products made out of Himalayan salt they could enjoy, from candle holders to jewelry.


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10. Negative Ion Generators


When a Himalayan salt lamp won’t do, there are other options. Negative ion generators look like essential oil diffusers, but they dispel negative ions instead of essential oils.

Essentially, they purify the air and get rid of the bad energy that’s dragging you down, helping you live a better life.

This is a pretty unique gift idea that can help anyone. Who doesn’t want to feel happier and healthier?


11. Recycled Accessories and Housewares


What’s better than a holiday gift that helps save the environment?

Some retailers sell recycled accessories and housewares that are handcrafted to have a new life in the home.

Hipcycle sells some cool recycled items, like these tumblers made from old Perrier bottles. You can also find some unique, handcrafted recycled jewellery on Etsy.


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12. Bamboo Cutting Boards


Not only is bamboo beautiful, but it’s sturdy and environmentally friendly, too. That’s because it’s not actually a wood- it’s a grass that doesn’t require chemicals or replanting to grow.

Bamboo cutting boards make great healthy holiday gifts because they help to keep food safe. Since they’re more dense than other types of wood, they don’t take as much damage from knives, which helps keep bacteria out of food.

Many kitchen stores sell bamboo cutting boards, but you can also take a look at online retailers like Totally Bamboo, who sell a variety of bamboo kitchen items.


13. Glass Water Bottles


A glass water bottle makes a perfect gift for healthy living because it promotes drinking more water while protecting the environment at the same time. Glass can be recycled endlessly, and the more recycled glass we use the less pollution and waste we produce.

You can also find glass water bottles that have infusers inside, so your friend or loved one could add some fruit to their water. They’re widely available online and in stores.


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14. Gourmet Herbs and Spices


One of the best organic gift ideas you can give someone who loves to cook is a set or basket with gourmet herbs and spices.

The Spice Trader is a luxury spice shop on Queen Street West that sells spice collections from around the globe. They specialize in high end spices, and can make customized blends as well.


15. Handcrafted, Healthy Treats in a Customized Gift Box


Every year, people end up with an abundance of unhealthy boxes of generic chocolates. To really stand out from the rest, give the gift of healthy treats that will fuel their body instead.

Our energy balls are the perfect way to show someone you care about their well-being. They are gluten free, vegan, and dairy free, packed with essential nutrients in every bite.


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Choose from our gourmet flavours, each made from mainly raw, wholesome ingredients. Healthy treats can be delicious!

Handcrafted in the heart of Toronto, OMBITES come in a holiday gift-wrapped box, ready to make the perfect impression. Choose your holiday ribbon colour to complement the signature keepsake gift box.

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