10 Healthy Corporate Gift Ideas That Will Impress Your Employees and Clients

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10 Healthy Corporate Gift Ideas That Will Impress Your Employees and Clients


There’s no shortage of corporate gift ideas in Toronto, but many of them fall short of standing out from the rest. It’s such a big city, with so many options, so why does everyone always pick the same corporate holiday gifts?

Every year, those unextraordinary boxes of candy and chocolate are given out around the holidays. We’re not saying we don’t love a good piece of chocolate, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could send your employees the message that you really put a lot of thought into their gift?

Let’s face it. The holidays are a time when people indulge.

Your clients, employees, and just about everyone else are all going to get a ton of candy, chocolate, and unhealthy treats over the holiday season. If you really want to stand out, get them healthy holiday gifts instead. 

There’s no better way to show someone you care about their well-being than with something that's good for them!

Here are some of our favourite healthy corporate gift ideas that will really blow the minds of your employees and clients.


1. A Nice Set of Headphones


For most of us, music and working out go hand in hand. Some people can’t even work out at all if they don’t have music.

Nothing encourages people more to get physical than a brand new set of nice headphones. Try these as your corporate holiday gifts this year and see for yourself.

When you encourage physical activity, you encourage healthier employees. And a healthy employee is a happy employee.


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2. Pyjamas… We’re Not Joking


Take a page from Arianna Huffington. She’s a big advocate for sleep, and has even given TED talks about its importance.

Her philosophy is to “sleep your way to the top.” What does that mean? It means that in order to be at the top of your game, you need to get enough sleep.

When we’re too tired, we don’t make the best decisions. Getting enough sleep helps your employees focus, stay productive, and increase their cognitive function.

In 2014, Huffington gave one of the most unexpected corporate holiday gifts: all of her employees got a set of comfy pyjamas emblazoned with the company logo.

It’s a very unique corporate gift- and it worked. The team at the Huffington Post even had a pyjama party at work! What a great way to boost employee morale- and who doesn’t love comfy pyjamas?

Have some sleepwear or sleep accessories made with your company logo printed on them. If this isn’t in your budget, try getting some in the company’s signature colours.


3. A Fruit Basket or Arrangement


Okay, so a fruit arrangement isn’t entirely original, but it’s a great healthy gift idea that really beats those generic candy boxes.

Fruit is fun and refreshing! During a time when people are flooded by unhealthy holiday treats and baked goods, it’s nice to have something they can indulge in that won’t affect their waistline.

Give the healthy holiday gift of fresh fruit this year and we assure your clients and employees alike will appreciate it. You can even get an arrangement delivered, so it won’t take a lot of time and effort on your end.


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4. Healthy Snack Delivery to Your Clients’ Offices


Fruit arrangements aren’t the only kind of healthy snack delivery you can send. In fact, there are tons of different kinds of subscription boxes and healthy snack companies that deliver right to your client’s office.

Your clients are running a business, just like you are.

Healthy snack delivery keeps your clients and their employees snacking on some good-for-you treats without any effort at all.

At OMBITES, we deliver our catering and snack boxes right to your client’s office. We make healthy, bite-sized energy balls that are jam packed with fiber, protein, and antioxidants.


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Our energy balls are made with carefully selected, wholesome ingredients that provide the nutrition your employees need to power through their day. They’re made with mainly raw ingredients, and they’re gluten free, dairy free, and vegan.

Send our yummy snacks to your client and watch as they see the difference the power of energy balls makes for their company, with the convenience of delivery.


5. A Fitbit For Every Employee


A great healthy holiday gift for your employees is to get everyone their own Fitbit.

Fitbits are great because they do more than just count your steps. They help your employees become more active, eat better, sleep better, and some models can connect to their phone.

You can use the Fitbits as part of a corporate wellness program to encourage team bonding and a healthy lifestyle.



6. Plants or Flowers


Plants are one of the best healthy corporate gifts for employees because they help spruce up the office.

Did you know that plants actually have some pretty amazing health benefits, too?

Some plants can scrub out air pollutants, which makes the air safer and healthier. Plants also act like natural humidifiers, have de-stressing properties, and can actually influence higher energy levels.

In fact, giving your employees plants can actually benefit you, too. A study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that having plants in the office can make your employees less fatigued, more focused, and therefore more productive.


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7. Fitness Club Memberships


Give your employees the healthy gift of physical activity.

This is a great, creative corporate gift for employees because it will encourage them to get active. It doesn’t mean that they need to start working out every day, but now they can try that boxing class they’ve been thinking about.

Sometimes the only thing holding someone back from going to the gym is paying for a membership. Help them make the decision with a friendly, positive nudge in the right direction.

Many of Toronto’s local fitness clubs and gyms offer discounts for group or corporate memberships, so do your research and look around for the best option for your business.


8. A Matcha Gift Set


Matcha is packed with health benefits and tastes delicious, too (just try our new limited edition matcha macadamia bite flavour).

This green tea powder is known for being a natural source of antioxidants. It’s also been shown to boost metabolism, promote weight loss, calm the mind, and help you concentrate.

Put together a matcha gift set, or buy a pre-assembled one, for your employees. You can find matcha powder and accessories at many of the local tea shops and online.

Your clients and employees will enjoy doing their body some good.


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9. Meditation or Yoga Classes


Meditation and yoga are perfect for de-stressing, and in a work environment, this is key. Healthy, happy

De-stressing is one of the best healthy holiday gifts you could possibly give someone, because we all know the holidays are a busy, stressful time of year.

You could do this for your employees by bringing an instructor to your office, or you could hand out vouchers.


10. Personalized Gifting with Corporate Branding


Impress your employees and clients by giving them something unique this year- give them the gift of a healthy indulgence.

Premium, unique and elegant, OMBITES are the only tastefully packaged healthy treats in Toronto. Perfect as thank you holiday gifts to employees or clients, OMBITES will personalize your gift boxes with ribbon colours to compliment your company’s signature colours, and we’ll provide a tag with your company logo.

We also offer premium appreciation bundles for VIP clients and top performing employees, elegantly gift-wrapped with a personalized message tag and your company logo.

This is the perfect corporate gift idea for employees and clients because they’ll be reminded of the generosity of your company.


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Give The Gift of a Healthy Indulgence With OMBITES  


Our healthy no-bake treats are made with wholesome ingredients, and are gluten free, dairy free, and vegan. Each treat is bite-sized for the ultimate convenience, while providing 10% of your daily fiber intake, along with tons of other nutrients.

OMBITES are handcrafted right here in the heart of Toronto, made fresh to order. Every box is carefully crafted with a combination of flavours that truly complement each other, and is delivered right to your office.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Ready to order your OMBITES corporate gift boxes? Get started now!


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